Planet Mykonos

From a quiet fishing island in the 1950’s to the absolute destination for the celebrities in the 1960’s, and from the gay paradise of the 1970’s to the ultimate trend for the jet-setters in the 1980’s, Mykonos is more than just another Greek island. It has built an international fame for luxury vacations, and ranks today among the top holiday destinations worldwide. But fame and money have not destroyed tradition as one may think.

The friendliness of its people, the colorful customs, and the traditional architecture, that had attracted people like Onassis, the Kennedys, Winston Churchill, Maria Callas, princes and princesses, famous movie stars and other celebrities, are still here, unchanged by time and the modern way of life Beautiful all white houses and gobble stone narrow streets made the famous architect Le Corbusier to say after he visited the island: “In Mykonos I discovered the quintessence of architecture: beauty, simplicity and functionality”.

Today the same narrow streets, beautifully flanked with exclusive boutiques, continue to welcome an international crowd. The numerous beaches cater for all kinds of people. Near the open-air fish market people will find to buy the local products, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchinis, beans, egg-plants, etc, in very limited quantities, reputed to taste like the real thing. Different restaurants will satisfy every culinary need with focus on the local cooking that blends surf and turf.

In the town’s main square the monument of Mando, the local heroine: a very rich lady who when the war of independence broke out in 1821 gave everything she had to support the Greek cause, but who when the war was over and independence was finally won, died very poor as all of her fortune was lost in the war. Mando’s monument will always remind the struggle of the Mykonians for freedom as well as their contribution to it.

And yes, the spirit of Mykonos is Freedom: here you can express yourself as you please: anything goes! And when the evening comes the island puts on its glamorous party dress: bars, night clubs, after-hours night clubs will keep you rocking all night and maybe all day too!

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